Jordan Adams goes off for 22 points

Jordan Adams goes off for 22 points Adams goal for this


Jordan Adams? Watch the Throne! Presented By HardHoopsNews.Com @hardhoopsnews If you don? T know who Jordan Adams is by now you probably don? T know much about high school basketball. Adams is a 6? 6 guard forward with a tremendous scoring ability. Adams attends # 1 Oak Hill Academy with a verbal commitment to UCLA where he will play alongside with the # 5 player in the class of 2012, according to Kyle Anderson. Hard Hoops News rates Adams as the # 22 player in the nation using the national recruiter Kyle Randle? S inside evaluations. Adams goal for this season is to get a National Championship nothing more than that. ? Our coach is implying in us to just go hard and don? T take anything for granted, anyone is liable to win and that hard work beats talent when talent doesn? T work hard.? Adams was a rare target before he came to Oak Hill. Development wise Adams says that he has developed more as a leader and a team player. He also said that he has gotten stronger. ? I love it here, we play the game 24/7 and we just chill and are cool.? Adams said. When Adams was asked if he had to choose one player to play at the next level with that hasn? T made a college commitment yet he said after a long pause to think,? Shabazz !? He? S athletic, can score and bring a defensive presence with him. ? What was so great about UCLA was the fact that they have produced the most NBA players in NCAA history. It? S over one hundred.? Adams said. UCLA has a great history considering the great John Wooden won multiple championships there. Adams has not decided when he will sign but it will be sometime when he returns home. As for now Adams is focused on bringing that? Swag, hard work and chemistry? together to lead Oak Hill to a National title. Until next time this is @hardhoopsnews presenting? Jordan Adams? Watch the Throne !? Follow Us and Jordan Adams @hardhoopsnews and @ jordanadams1231

Jordan Adams goes off for 22 points Zach Lavine

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Jordan Adams goes off for 22 points take anything for granted, anyone

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